Appalachia Funders Network 8th Annual Gathering 




Transition and Equity: Appalachia's Journey


March 28-30, 2017

Martha Washington Inn

150 West Main Street

Abingdon, VA 24210


About the Network

The Appalachia Funders Network is a funder-led initiative with a membership of over 40 national, regional, and local funders. We work to accelerate an equitable Appalachian transition by convening and connecting funders for learning, analysis, and collaboration. Our work is focused in Central Appalachia, the region we define as the Appalachian counties of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and all of West Virginia. To learn more, visit:

About the Gathering

This annual meeting is a space for learning and analysis, where members build trust and relationships, expand their connections, develop lasting partnerships, and align their investment strategies to accelerate large scale change across Central Appalachia.

The Pre-Gathering events will also offer the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning journeys in the heart of southwest Virginia coal country. Here we’ll see examples of innovation, technology, eco- tourism, comprehensive health care, creative placemaking, and a state-of-the-art local foods aggregation and distribution center, all in some of the hardest hit areas in the country.

Who Should Attend?

The Gathering is open to funders, financial institution representatives, and federal agency personnel who invest in the transition of Central Appalachia. The Network’s dues paying members receive a $100 discount on the Gathering registration fee. If you are a non-dues-paying member, we encourage you to attend to (1) learn about the powerful work that’s being done in Appalachia (2) strengthen your connections to other funders, (3) better understand how the Network can help further your mission,, and (4) connect to innovative initiatives within our working groups.

In addition to grantmakers and investors, a small number nonprofit practitioners will be invited to attend one day of the Gathering to help to help deepen our analysis and understanding of the opportunities and challenges ahead. We’ll also interact with practitioners on learning journeys. Otherwise, the Gathering will focus on funder-to-funder interactions.